April: Currently

CurrentlyFirst and foremost, feeling so heartbroken about what happened in Boston. Once again utterly astonished and terrified by the fragility of life. Grieving with all those whose joyful day turned into one of mourning. Wishing our bodies were encased in steel, to protect our hearts and our spirits and our souls.

At the same time, seeing a new opportunity to be grateful for every second we are given, finding a new reason for celebrating the ordinary days, even the boring ones. Finding tears in my eyes at the sight of Eric’s shoes in the closet, dishes drying in the kitchen, art supplies strewn all over the office. This life, what an extravagant gift it is.

Unpacking, slowly but surely, and mentally preparing to pack again next week.

Scheduling some interviews for this week.

Flipping through some books on oil painting I picked up at the library today. A new adventure!

Eating so much asparagus. At least I did today.

Reading Tana French’s Faithful Place and feeling super excited that there’s another novel waiting for me after this one.

Listening to my Feist Pandora station non-stop. So much goodness.

Enjoying sleeping in our own bed again. And a few rainy and chilly days in Pasadena.

Daydreaming about travels to come.

Planning to get back to some quilting and scrapbooking this week.

Finding myself super behind on comments and blogs. But excited to catch up!

Holding my loved ones extra close, even if only in my heart.

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