A Visit to David’s Tea

David's TeaI started hearing about David’s Tea a few months ago, when people mentioned how excited they were when their shipments came in. They have some really exciting flavors and blends (150 of them!), and it’s all loose-leaf, so you know it’s fresh. Am I a tea connoisseur? Well, maybe not, but I am at least an obsessee, and I had never heard of some of the teas they offer. Imagine my glee when I stumbled upon a David’s store in Burlingame last week. I didn’t even know they had stores! I had thought they were all online, but I found out that they are actually based in Canada, with a few stores dotting the West Coast. Lucky me!

David's TeaI waltzed right in with a gigantic grin on my face and told them I love Earl Grey. Did they have any recommendations? Oh, but they did. Any place that has seven or eight variations on that particular theme gets a gold star in my book. I went with Cream of Earl Grey, which has vanilla added. Divine.

David's TeaMy mom wanted a chai loaded with extra ginger, and she had plenty of options too. Hers was strong and sharp and excellent.

David's TeaThe teas are organized by type in these pretty tins, with a little compartment at the top for smelling. Genius. I think I’d be very happy to come here every day. I’d never get bored!

David's TeaThe rest of the shop is also bright and cheery, complete with teal adirondack chairs. I loved it.

David's TeaWe girls, we love our tea. It has become a happy ritual for us, and we love sharing it.

David's TeaAnd here’s all three of us, having just the best time. I think I’ll probably be ordering some tea soon (they send three free samples with each order!) and recreating this afternoon here in Pasadena. And hopefully before too long my parents will be here to enjoy it with me.

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