Work in Progress: Anthropologie-Inspired Necklace

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceI almost always pop into Anthropologie when I’m out and about in the neighborhood. I have never bought anything there, but I do always get a healthy dose of inspiration. A few weeks ago I saw these lovely and delicate beaded necklaces. I really like the way the beads are lined up, giving it a nice substantial feel. Since I am super into all kinds of embroidery and beadwork these days, I wondered if I could make something similar (and avoid that $58 price tag!)

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceI came up with this idea of sewing beads onto shoelaces, and, lo and behold, I found some that are one inch wide. And so, naturally, I bought ALL THE COLORS!

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceAren’t they pretty?

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceWhen I finally decided on a color combination, I got to work beading. I am using a wider base and longer beads, but I can easily fit four across. I am beading both sides, so when the needle comes out on the “wrong” side, I add another bead, stitch it down, and then I’m right back on the “right” side, ready to add another bead. Simple!

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceAs you can see, I haven’t gotten very far. Beading both sides makes it a little bit slower, but it just isn’t quick work to start with. Suddenly I have immense respect for all beaders! And that $58 price tag doesn’t sound so unreasonable after all…BUT, the good news is that I am totally having fun making this necklace, and it doesn’t feel at all like drudgery to me.

Anthropologie Knock-Off NecklaceWhen I’m done, I’ll just tie the two ends of the shoelace to make the clasp. It may be a while before I finish this one, but I’ll definitely wear it proudly when I do. And then I’ll move on to neon orange!

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