Stripes and Plaid

Stripes and PlaidHow is everyone doing with this whole Daylight Savings Time thing? Eric and I had a busy night (booking plane tickets, everyone’s least favorite activity), and when I looked up at the clock, I couldn’t believe how late it was. But then I realized: not really! And I felt much better. I doubt that I will have the same feeling tomorrow morning when the sun’s up an hour earlier, but for now I am happy for a late-night burst of energy. Speaking of energy, I think my face is nicely red in these pictures because we took them after a nice afternoon run at the gym. Eric blew me kisses when he lapped me. So sweet!

Stripes and PlaidI love mixing patterns, but I don’t think there’s much that can top plaid and stripes. They’re the holy grail of pattern mixing! Both of these pieces are from thrift stores, and I love them both dearly.

Stripes and PlaidThis necklace is a new find, from my after-Christmas clearance spree in January. I love big chunky beads like these.

Stripes and PlaidI don’t wear gold too often, but when I do, I go for these sweet earrings my mom gave me. The little hexagons spin.

Stripes and PlaidThese bracelets belonged to my awesome aunt. They make me feel classy.

Stripes and PlaidEvery girl needs some bright blue shoes. At least I think so.

Stripes and PlaidHope you all had a lovely and restful weekend!

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