Quilting for the Extreme Beginner

QuiltingI have been really taken with the idea of quilting for the last few months, and I’m finally getting started. I have acquired my fancy cutting mat, my fancy rotary cutter, and my big fancy ruler. Last week I bought a lot of fabric (which I already feel like is not enough!), and today I really got going.

QuiltingI started with some of the basic piecing techniques, and my first batch went pretty well!

QuiltingMy first project was to put a few blocks together and sew them onto my One Little Word page for March. Some of them, as you can see, went better than others!

QuiltingI loved playing with colors and with the almost endless array of stitches my machine will produce.

QuiltingI liked playing with these strips on the bottom too.

QuiltingThis one was a little bit harder, as you can tell by the bunched fabric. It’s harder to sew in the middle of the page, as it doesn’t feed into the machine very easily. Also, other things I have not mastered: Cutting in a straight line! Sewing in a straight line! But, as my all-knowing mother would say: Who cares? I am having tons of fun.

QuiltingAnd don’t you agree, by the way, that this is nowhere near enough fabric?! There are so many more colors and patterns I want to work with. Back to the fabric store I go!

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