Project Life, Weeks 27 and 28, With Bonus Christmas

Project LifeWell, it’s March, so it’s about time I’m getting my Christmas pages up! I adore my Christmas papers and have been waiting so long to use them–long live the snowmen!

Project LifeThis week combines our Christmas in Pasadena and the beginning of our time with family in Memphis. It was maybe the best week ever.

Project LifeThis is the treasure map Eric made to lead me to one of my gifts. Adorable! He even put serifs on the letters because he knows how I feel about sans serif fonts. He is the best.

Project LifeAnd I love that we have this picture of the four of us at dinner the first night we arrived.

Project LifeOur Christmas week involved snow, and also the cutest baby ever.

Project LifeI’m happy that I captured our family tradition of going out to breakfast on Christmas Eve. And obviously, as this sign indicates, I am in the right place.

Project LifeThis was the first time Eric and I got to meet my Besfrinn’s precious baby, even though I talk to her on Skype about once a week. Well, the talking is kind of one-way, but she always smiles at me. 🙂 I was already in love with her, but this just cemented it. She is the sweetest.

Project LifeLove this picture of our stockings by the fire.

Project LifeI made an extra page to document another one of our Christmas traditions…

Project LifeAnd I’m so glad I did. Merry Christmas in March!

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