Project Life: Nashville Edition!

Project LifeI am so excited to finally be getting these pages up on the blog! I usually do one page per week, but trips and special events get as many pages as they need. We had so much fun in Nashville that I knew I was going to need two pages to fit in all the awesome.

Project LifeSince we were visiting my family for Christmas in Memphis, it was only a short drive over to Nashville, where Eric’s brother lives. His parents drove down to meet us and rented a cozy house for all of us to have a second Christmas and celebrate New Years. Honestly, when I look back on our Christmas break, all I feel is transcendent joy. I can’t believe I have so many wonderful people in my life! We definitely had a ton of fun exploring Nashville together.

Project LifeWe also took a little side trip to Franklin, and Eric’s brother expertly narrated the civil war battle that took place there!

Project LifeAs you can see, my sequin obsession continues!

Project LifeI collected a hefty stack of stuff for my scrapbook, and I’m so glad I have all those little things, reminding me of the places we went and the meals we shared.

Project LifeLook at this gorgeous spread! Eric’s mom is a genius in the kitchen!

Project LifeEven though it was snowy and freezing, we couldn’t pass up Jeni’s ice cream!

Project LifeI loved these sculptures on Vanderbilt’s campus: giant peppermints!

Project LifeAnd, of course, we couldn’t pass up the Opryland Hotel at Christmas! I remember going there as a child and being mesmerized by all the lights and the huge Christmas trees. It was so special to revisit it. Merry Christmas in March!

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