March 2013 Goals

March 2013 GoalsEvery month I get so excited to make goals, and I am so happy when I look back and see how many of my goals from the previous month I achieved.  It isn’t at all about a sense of obligation; instead it’s about asking what I really want to be doing with my time and celebrating that this little exercise makes those positive things I want in my life a reality.

I am keeping quilting on the list because I’ve finished reading the quilting book Eric’s brother gave me for Christmas (thanks, bro!), and now I’m ready to start cutting and sewing. I will probably start with some small projects to get the hang of working with batting and piecing fabric, but I am excited to make my first quilt sometime later this year!

My brother and sister-in-law gave us a macaron-making kit for Christmas. I know, they are the coolest ever. I have been wanting to make them, but waiting for a weekend when Eric could help me. Complex baked goods seem like a team effort. So I am looking forward to doing that this month.

Every year Eric and I try to go on a little romantic getaway in the winter. It started that way because we could get good rates then, in the off season, but now we just love having a little something to celebrate early in the year. It’s always been about long conversations in the car, exploring new places, eating great food, and just enjoying each other. In a few weeks, we’re headed up to Ventura to stay in a B&B in a converted church. So, so looking forward to it.

Go to yoga and Zumba classes? Wait, we’ve seen that one before! Sometimes, you just have to prod yourself to do something you know you’ll be glad you did. Prod, prod, prod.

Now that I’ve got all my new embroidery floss, I want to start working on some original designs. There is going to be so. much. color!

I have been reading up a storm this past month, and I love it. It’s a time I really look forward to every day, and I think reading is just my natural state. So happy that the list of things I want to read is so long, and getting longer every day. It is so marvelous to be alive.

And, of course, tons and tons of pictures will certainly be involved! I’ve updated my February goals here, and I’ll be back in April with a report on these. If you are making monthly goals, I would love to see them! Please leave your link in the comments and I’ll pop on over!

Update, April 2013: I did pretty well with my goals this month, if I do say so myself! I definitely have a good start on quilting, and I made (and devoured) the macarons. We had an awesome time on our romantical getaway in Ventura. I definitely did a lot of reading (and probably stayed up too late doing it!). I am coming in just under the wire on the cross-stitch. I have been waiting for some embroidery hoops to come in the mail (they never have the size I want at the craft store!), and I just got started last night. So far, I am completely in love with the one I’m working on. So there will probably be more of that in the future. Lots of pictures were taken too. And, sigh, I did not get to yoga or Zumba. But hope springs eternal! If there were some kind of vitamin that made you want to exercise…I would really be interested in getting hold of it!

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