One Little Word: March

One Little WordOur prompt this month for Ali EdwardsOne Little Word class is to take action–to choose one thing you really want to do this month and plot out the steps to make it happen. I chose quilting as mine, since it’s going to require a handful of steps, and I do really really want to do it. Ali made an 8.5 x 11 template for us to fill in with our plans, but since my album is 12 x 12, I just made my own. I liked putting it together and making it an explosion of color.

One Little WordThe first section is for stating your intentions: what is it that you want to do, and what do you need to do to make it happen? This would work for just about anything, from job stuff to personal stuff to relational stuff. The key is to focus on something that you really want to do that you might not get to otherwise.

One Little WordThe next section is a little calendar, on which you can schedule a few steps. The fabric store is several towns over from us, so I need to plan that in advance a bit. None of these dates are written in stone, but they give me some idea of the time I want to dedicate to this project.

One Little WordThe last part is about documenting your experience and making it part of your memory-keeping process. The reason why my page looks kind of blank now is that I’m planning to sew on some of my practice quilt blocks. It should be much more interesting then! I am so excited about this project, and, honestly, this might be something good to do every month. I had two or three other project ideas in mind (my Istanbul scrapbook, getting to yoga and Zumba), and it took me a little while to narrow it down to this one. I’ll update this page when I get the fabric sewed in and report back on how the project went. Until then, if any of you are taking this class or just making monthly goals, please feel free to share in the comments. I love hearing about your projects and ideas!

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