March: Currently

On a WalkFeeling so grateful for all of you and your sweet and encouraging comments on yesterday’s post. Thank you!

Reading this book on the history of Barbie (fascinating!) and this book on the art world. (Odd not to be reading fiction! But I have some more lined up. Excited about this one.)

Listening to kind of a lot of Florence and the Machine. I think the laser gun sounds are absolutely the best thing about this song. Also, the Nashville Soundtrack, which led me to discover The Civil Wars. Amazing.

Packing for our weekend getaway to Ventura!

Loving the cool mornings and evenings, since summer has already sort of descended upon us.

Exulting over the fabric I just bought for quilting.

Knitting preemie hats.

Eating so much cabbage! Bizarre craving, but I’m going with it.

Working on my enormous cross stitch sampler. Finding it oddly relaxing to have a needle in my hand.

Looking forward to fun trips in April and May (Oberlin reunion tickets: secured!)

Writing my book. Loving every second of it.

Loving Lent and all the awesome stuff I’m getting to do. Excited for a retreat with this awesome monk next week.

Feeling really, really, grateful.

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