Making Macarons

Making Macarons

One of my March goals was to finally make macarons. Totally intimidating? Why, yes!

Making MacaronsBut my sweet brother and his wife gave us a little mix for Christmas, so that made it much more approachable. They went to a macaron making class in New York for her birthday, so they must be old pros by now. Me, I was grateful for the mix and directions. Still, I was saving it for a day when I had lots of focus. And that day was Saturday!

Making MacaronsThe mix has everything separated for you, so all you have to do is whip the egg whites and then gradually add these things in. I consider it a colossal success that I managed not to destroy the meringue, as I think that is my natural proclivity.

Making MacaronsSince I’m a rebel, and I only have so many Silpats (one) and had only one tiny piece of parchment paper left (ack!), I totally did not leave two inches between each cookie. But I still call this a piping success.

Making MacaronsThe cookies bake up very quickly, and I was about to high five myself when I remembered this: egg whites are the holy grail of stickiness. And so a bunch of them got cracked as I was trying to get them off the Silpat. But you can’t tell that from their pretty undersides!

Making MacaronsHere are the bottom sides, all prettily covered with ganache, which I piped on with, I’m not joking, a turkey baster. It worked perfectly! I am just waiting for my Iron Chef trophy to come in the mail.

Making MacaronsEven though I had a good long laugh about how a bunch of these turned out (…unique-looking!), they were just insanely delicious. I wish I’d taken a picture of Eric’s face when he bit into his first one. It was awesome. I wasn’t planning to share them here on the blog, but Eric kept saving the beauty queens among them in case they warranted a post, and I’m glad he did. This triumph must go down in my baking history! Since I used this lovely mix, I don’t have a recipe for you, but here is Martha Stewart’s, because she’d never let us down. Happy baking!

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