Bike Ride!

Bike Ride!In addition to his many other talents, Eric is a biker–he has a classy road bike, and every few weeks or so he jets off into the hills on his clip-pedal shoes. He bought his road bike right after we started dating, close to five years ago. But before that he was a bike commuter. He rode in to campus every day for his six years of grad school, and he still has his trusty commuter bike, even though it’s not getting much exercise these days (the only downside to living a five minute walk from work!). Every now and again we take a bike ride together. He takes the heavy wire baskets off the commuter for me and lowers the seat, and off we go! We haven’t been out riding in ages, but this weekend was so lovely–75 degrees. I asked him this afternoon if he wanted to go for a walk, and he suggested a bike ride instead. And it was awesome.

Bike Ride!Seeing Eric in his bike helmet and glasses reminds me so much of our dating years. He would ride over to my place for dinner after work, and he’d carry his bike up three flights of stairs. When he’d take his helmet off, he’d have these adorable waves in his hair. He used to bring over groceries to make dinner in his baskets, and sometimes big bouquets of flowers. I was always impatient for him to get his bike stuff settled so I could give him a giant hug, and those of you who know me well will be not at all surprised to hear that.

Bike Ride!Today he took these pictures of me riding, and I didn’t even know it. He is the sweetest. He rode behind me so he could warn me of cars approaching. I am pretty much blown away every day by how kind and gentle and thoughtful he is, but today really took the cake. He went ahead of me to spec out hills and see if they’d be too steep for me. He reminded me to lower my gear when going uphill and bring it back down when going on flat land. He had water ready for me whenever I wanted it. He had all kinds of suggestions for making my ride more comfortable and more fun. And it’s at moments like these that I just tear up and think about what an incredible dad he is going to be. Whenever they come along, our kids are going to be the luckiest. The luckiest.

Bike Ride!And that makes me smile so much my face hurts.

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