Weekending: High School Dance Style

At the DanceSince Eric and I didn’t meet until we were 25, we never got to go to a high school dance together, or, well, any dance, really. We do love to tear up the floor, though, so when I found out about this Valentine’s Dance, I asked Eric if he wanted to go. And he did! So we donned our most convincing cocktail attire and headed out into the night. (As a hilarious side note, the pictures we took with his phone came out really badly, and Eric asked me if I could still use them for this post. I am so, so tired tonight, so I just said, “Yeah, I’ll just put them in…whatever mode, you know, that one that makes them look cool and retro.” I totally could not think of the word lomo. Anyway, a few seconds later I got the photos in an email, the subject line of which was: for “whatever mode.” And then I laughed almost hard enough to fall out of my chair.)

At the DanceI totally was not expecting the level of awesomeness this dance would achieve. There were balloons on the dance floor. And a chocolate fountain. And door prizes. And free necklaces for the ladies. The decorations were so impressive. And…there was a photo backdrop! I had joked that hopefully we could get our picture taken in that awkward high school pose, but I had no idea my dreams could come true! So, here I am laughing in front of said photo backdrop. The theme was “The Love Boat,” thus the life preservers and such.

So HandsomeAnd here is my dapper date. Even though I could have wished for more hip hop, I could not have wished for a better man to spend the evening with. He enjoyed even my craziest dance moves, and he shared a lot of red velvet cookies with me. He is the best.

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