Square Painting

Today I am finally sharing a project I have been working on for months: my square painting! This all started with a pinwheel painting inspired by Elise’s, and then I made a circle painting. Still enamored of shapes and colors, I went with squares.

I drew these squares with a pencil and a ruler and then very imperfectly filled them in. I love that you can see brushstrokes and squiggly splotches of color.

Once I had them all finished, I knew exactly where I wanted to hang them in our living room. I love the bright color they bring into the space. Many thanks to my photographer, who did a lot of standing on chairs and moving flashes to get these shots!

I kind of love that I’ve unintentionally created the same color palette in all of them. I guess bright and cheery is what I go for!

Eric also took these awesome close-up shots, which I just love.

This is pretty magnificent. Fun with close-up lenses!

Although it took me from September to February to get from here…

to here, it was totally worth the wait.

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