Project Life, Weeks 25 and 26

Project Life, Weeks 25 and 26There’s so much joy in these weeks. My dad’s visit, Eric’s birthday, and some holiday magic. It’s so much fun reliving it all. Also, I am in love with these Christmas papers and have been waiting patiently for months to use them!

Project LifeIt’s no exaggeration to say that my dad’s visit was the highlight of this week. We had so much fun relaxing and catching up, and, of course, drinking coffee!

Project LifeEric and I also made the trek out to 99 Ranch, and he was ecstatic to find mangosteens there. He totally did a happy dance, I am not even kidding!

Project LifeThe next week brought Eric’s birthday and lots and lots of chocolate. And also, one incredibly fancy steak dinner.

Project LifeI am so glad I took this picture of his birthday breakfast. We love Sunday mornings with the paper, but this one was extra special.

Project LifeI’m almost caught up to Christmas, and I am so excited about the sequin explosion that will be found there. How are your documenting projects going? Have you beat me into 2013? I bet so!

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