Project Life, Weeks 23 and 24

Annnnnd, I made it to December! I had a lot of fun with these holiday pages. Sequins! Glitter! Christmas trees! A magpie’s delight.

For Thanksgiving week, I wanted to capture our holiday tradition of going to the sweet little town of Sierra Madre the day after Thanksgiving.

And our tradition of hilariously trying to stuff a Christmas tree into our trunk and get it into the elevator. It’s more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

This week also included a belated birthday dinner, which turned out to be totally romantic, what with the fireplace and the empty dining room. We talked about our plans and ideas for 2013, and I remember being just so happy to be sitting across the table from my best friend, who cares about every little thing that interests me.

And, of course, this pie had to be immortalized.

The next week took us into December and more Christmas tree hilarity.

This week we went to see Cloud Atlas, and it was so great to stay up late talking about it.

I’m glad I captured the NYT Book Review here. The Sunday paper is one of our greatest pleasures, and especially when the end-of-the-year booklist comes out. Last week I used the phrase “Nerds In Love” to describe Eric’s recitation to me, from memory, of a poem about Anton van Leeuwenhoek , inventor of the microscope. I didn’t imagine then that it would be such a fitting caption for every week of project life, but it totally, totally would. đŸ™‚

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