Playing with Peplum

PeplumPeplums seem to be one of those polarizing trends–people either love them or hate them. As for me, I think they’re adorable, sort of mini-dresses on tops or dresses. I have been wanting to get my hands on one for months, and I finally found this sweet dress…on clearance. I love stripes, and the dress actually came with this lemon yellow belt, so I was doubly sold.

PeplumI, of course, saw this as an excuse to trot out some of my favorite bright accessories, including this green envelope purse.

Red EarringsThese red earrings are new, and I love that they are shiny and slightly musical at the same time.

Bracelet and BeltMy mom bought me this bracelet in Amsterdam and gave it to me for Christmas. I love its big shiny beads. They kind of look like gigantic cheery pills.

NecklaceThis necklace once belonged to my awesome aunt Ellen. I am trying to keep its legacy of awesomeness alive.

SpinningI think one of the obligations of wearing a peplum is that you must be willing to spin around. I tried!

SpinningAnd tried!

SpinningAnd tried!

PeplumAh well, at least these shoes are really cute!

PeplumI think this is going to be my favorite dress for quite a while. Here’s to after-Christmas sales!

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