One Little Word: February

One Little Word: FebruaryI am taking Ali EdwardsOne Little Word class this year, and our February assignment was to make a vision board for our word. I used to make collages all the time when I was in high school, but that was so many years ago that this felt both familiar and foreign. The project was very open-ended, and I decided that I didn’t really want to include any words at all, but instead just to convey openness through space and color.

İstiklâl CaddesiI just cut out things that spoke to me, and I did not create this color scheme intentionally, but I really love it. I cut out this beautiful picture of İstiklâl Caddesi in Istanbul months ago, and this felt like the proper place to use it.

TrainThis gorgeous train was part of Eric’s parents’ Christmas gift to me. Since I asked for a lot of things that are hard to pick out for someone else (boots, jeans, etc), they gave me some money and a delightful stack of pretty images. I have been saving this train for something special. I love it, and the adventurous travels it suggests.

LemonsThe other unifying theme seems to be food: raspberries, preserved lemons, purple basil leaves. I think this is less about me wanting to try new foods (though I am always up for that!) than it is about being aware of the brilliant rainbow that grows right up out of the ground every day. It still feels like a little miracle every time I hold a bright red pepper or unfold the tiny leaves of a Brussels sprout. I am so grateful for the fact that food gives us not only physical nourishment, but aesthetic sustenance as well.

One Little Word: FebruaryI’ll pop this 12 x 12 page into my Project Life album when I get along to February. But since that might be a while yet, I’ve got it watching over my sewing table and projecting some bright color into these gray and windy days.

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