T-Rex at WorkThese last few weeks have been all about getting into a writing groove and enjoying the cool weather. We still have some warm afternoons, but on Tuesday it was as gray and rainy as the Bay area, and I loved every minute of it. In any case, I just can’t complain. I am so happy, and that feels like a gift every day. This is my resident position on the couch for afternoon writing (in the mornings I am more scrupulous and sit at my desk). For the project I am working on right now, I am rereading my journals from the last three years or so. It is so weird and wonderful to relive all that, and I have been surprised by how vivid the memories my writing has triggered turn out to be. I can smell the lilies and feel the sun on my toes in the morning, in my little apartment in Oakland. I can taste all the pesto I made in those years and recall all the emotional rushes of dissertation writing. I can hear the floorboards creak in Eric’s little apartment down the road from mine and remember our hands cooking and washing dishes in that kitchen. Mostly I am just so happy that I wrote all of that stuff down, because it’s as real to me as the air I breathe, resting there in paper and ink.

ValentineI got this gorgeous handmade Valentine from my sweet friend Michele last week. Have I told you about my friend Michele? She gave me basically all of the scrapbook stuff I have, out of the goodness of her heart. She mailed it down from Northern California, and that was a hefty load of postage. I never imagined I’d meet someone so generous and genuine on these interwebs, but she blows me away all the time. She sent me a Starbucks gift card too! I will be having a nice chai latte afternoon in the near future, raising my glass to her.

Off the ClockLast week Eric and I went to this awesome art show at Caltech. We saw such beautiful things, all made by Caltech employees. Our friend Annie won in her category–so fun!

Snow on the MountainsThere’s snow on the mountains. Beautiful.

Mint JulepLast weekend we went out for barbecue, and it was pretty good. That’s high praise from a Memphis girl! We’d totally go back, and next time I might get nothing but smoked sausage. So good! Eric got a mint julep, and I took a sip, and then he laughed hysterically at the face I made. I just can’t stand bourbon. Tastes like my grandmother!

Heavenly FragranceDown on the corner where we usually go to take style pictures, there is this heavenly fragrance. I have been trying to figure out where it’s coming from for months, and I finally discovered it this weekend! Good job, detective self.

AnthropologieThis week on an afternoon walk I popped into Anthropologie. I have never bought anything there and I doubt I ever will (so pricey!), but I always walk away with a huge dose of inspiration. I take pictures of things I like and then make them myself. These necklaces are next in my queue!

RathskellarTonight we went to the Rathskellar for beers with Eric’s team to celebrate the completion of their grant proposal. They are such wonderful people, and we had a stellar time. I am way beyond stoked that now Eric will have more free time, but I am also really happy that he had such awesome people to go through this process with. It’s been a majestic couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see what the next ones have in store.

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