Gumby Green

DIY Maxi DressI made this dress! I am so happy I finally finished it, since I believe I started it in August. It was a cinch to put together, too. It’s just a little over a yard of soft jersey fabric, stitched down the side, with a v-neck in the front and back. I still have a lot to learn as far as sewing goes, but I can say without hesitation that this is a dress I will definitely wear all summer long.

DIY Maxi DressAt first I had intended to use the fabric for a skirt, but I realized what I had was just about enough for a dress. I used Sweet Verbena’s awesome tutorial as a jumping-off point for my dress, but mine is a bit different, since I didn’t have much fabric to work with. I was drawn to that gumby green like a moth to a flame, and I bought all that was left! (I find this highly ironic because this was my high school’s color, and I had to swathe myself in it for graduation  and I was so not a fan.) Initially I stitched all the way up the side, and then tried it on. As you can imagine, I was walking like a penguin! It never ceases to amaze me the things I don’t think of while sewing! I ripped that seam out and put a finished edge on this side slit. Much better.

DIY Maxi DressThe blousey look of the top is intentional. Even if blousey does not turn out to be an actual word. Blousey is so very comfortable.

DIY Maxi DressThe sleeves are formed entirely by the slit in the center of the fabric, which open up to become the v-neck. As the v widens, the sleeves are pushed further out onto the arms. Most effortless sleeves ever! That Sweet Verbena is a genius.

DIY Maxi DressAnd here is the back, just for kicks.

DIY Maxi DressMy shiny belt actually came from a pair of yoga pants, and I added a few extra shiny accessories for good measure. I made that yellow bracelet on my bead loom. I love it.

DIY Maxi DressI bought these earrings after Christmas because my inner magpie could not resist their shininess. It seems that everything with glitter goes on clearance after the holidays, and I’m all for that, but I also plan to keep wearing it all year long. Why not make every day a holiday?

DIY Maxi DressAnd I’m carrying a vintage Hunt Club satchel, a lucky thrift store find. It’s the perfect size for…

DIY Maxi DressMy library book! Seven Days in the Art World is the latest pick for the C & E Book Club.

DIY Maxi DressEric and I had the most luxuriously lazy weekend. I spent a lot of time curled up with books. Those weekends are just the best. Hope yours was full of lovely too!

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