Easy DIY Embroidery Floss Organizer

Embroidery Floss OrganizerLast week I further indulged my new cross-stitch obsession by acquiring a big pack of embroidery floss, just for fun. I am so in love with colors, and this is a veritable explosion.

Wood on WoodIt came in a clear plastic case, but I wanted to somehow organize and display it. I landed on the idea of a piece of wood with long nails, to be hung flat against the wall like a plaque. When Eric and I went to the hardware store on Sunday, we found this lovely round number, and we were sold.

Picture HangersI put some simple picture hangers on the back, since I didn’t think a wire was necessary.

NailsThen I hammered my nails in. I realize this kind of looks like an implement of torture. Yikes.

Embroidery Floss OrganizerAnd then I put my embroidery floss on, in all kinds of beautiful color combinations! I thought about arranging them in ROYGBIV order, but I usually respond more to color combinations than solid colors, so I decided this was the best way to go. I have multiples of each color stored away with my supplies, so if I really need to see all my red options, I can find them there. I have four colors to each nail, and that worked perfectly for the long nails I used.

Embroidery Floss OrganizerAnd, I’m not gonna lie, one of the best things about having an image with this many colors going on is playing with photo effects. Vignette!

Embroidery Floss OrganizerGraduated tint! All of this makes up for the fact that the spot where I hung it is just completely non-photogenic. No light!

Embroidery Floss OrganizerBut at least that spot is now bursting with color.

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