Currently: February

Currently: FebruaryReading In the Woods by Tana French and feeling thankful for the people who recommended it to me. It’s majestic, and so lyrical that I am reading extra slowly to avoid missing any beautiful morsels of prose.

Spending most afternoons curled up on the couch, writing, writing, writing. Loving it.

Instituting “no computer time” in the evenings and really enjoying it.

Working my way through this book for Lent.

Savoring the leftovers of the chocolate ganache tart with hazelnuts I made for Valentine’s Day.

Wearing lots of sweaters and appreciating every cool and breezy day.

Listening to an awful lot of Beethoven, actually. No matter how cliche it is, The Moonlight Sonata has my heart.

Looking forward to all the traveling we’re going to be doing this spring.

Plotting to do some sewing with beads and sequins.

Resolving to create some of my own cross-stitch designs.

Feeling just so very happy to be right where I am, doing just what I am doing.

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