A Tale of Two (Cross-Stitch) Bugs

Two BugsI finished this little butterfly cross-stitch over the weekend and promptly put it in its tiny frame. I should have added a quarter for scale, but in the absence of that, these little guys are just a hair over two inches. When I put them side by side, Eric said, “Yay! You have two bugs!” I didn’t really consider the butterfly a bug, but I suppose I will leave this discussion up to Nabokov and my talented and knowledgable friend Melissa. In any case, now I have more eye candy for the wall behind my sewing machine.

Butterfly in ProgressI am continuing to enjoy cross-stitching…I love the methodical in and out of the needle, and I love watching the shapes and colors take form on the fabric. However, there is probably not going to be another cross-stitch post here for quite some time, and that is because the one I just started is ginormous. Like 11 x 17. It’s totally cute, and totally humongous, at least compared to my manageable little bugs.

ButterflyI am reaching a bit of a dilemma with my cross-stitch, and with my knitting too. Here it is: they are really great activities for tv-watching, but I’m kind of trying to watch less tv lately. It’s just that I have a bunch of books I want to read and projects I want to work on. I don’t think I’d have the patience to just sit and stitch or knit without anything to look at or listen to, and we can’t seem to pick up NPR on the stereo in the house. So my question is this: what do you do while you’re working on big craft projects, to provide some visual or narrative or auditory interest? I guess the ideal situation would be a conversation with lots of other knitting ladies, but that isn’t always schedule friendly. If anyone has any wisdom, I would love to hear it! Otherwise, maybe I will break out my recording of War and Peace. That should keep me occupied for a while!


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