A First Time for Everything

I have never owned anything leopard print at all, unless perhaps it was before the age of consciousness, but I kind of doubt it. And yet, when I saw this dress with its wacko combination of prints, I had to try it on. And then I kind of fell in love with it. It’s amazing how much a clearance rack will open your eyes; I am sure I wouldn’t have looked twice at this dress otherwise. But I love the simple shape of it, and the neckline, and the floral. I don’t think I own anything else in a floral print either. There’s a first time for everything!

This is the smile of a girl who’s being sartorially adventurous. And it’s the smile of a girl who’s wearing red boots.

I am wearing some fun chunky bracelets and a new necklace. It’s a tiny little purse on a  chain.

It opens! (As a side note, my microplane grater took a little bite out of my finger: ouch!)

It’s just big enough to fit a little piece of paper in. I thought a lot about what to write on the paper. My first thought was, “I love Eric,” but I think everyone under the sun knows that by now, so I decided to make it a little reminder of something that’s dear to my heart: gratitude. Grateful was my word for 2012, and even though I have a new word for 2013, I always want to carry it with me still. It’s how I want to live my life.

I got this purse a few weeks ago at the thrift store, and Eric helped me perform some basic repairs on it (the metal rings needed some epoxy). Now it’s ready to go, and it has a perfect little pocket for my iPod (however: how odd is it to listen to an iPod after years of Pandora? I keep wanting to hit “like” on things!) I paid $6 for this purse and then found out that it retails for $130. Wow! Definitely worth the cost of a little epoxy! ($0, since we already had some).

These earrings are old as the hills, but I love wearing them because the little plates jingle when I move my head. A little symphony, everywhere I go.

Eric and I had the loveliest and laziest weekend. The simplest things, when we do them together, are just so much fun. Like taking these pictures. Thanks, honey!

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