The Husband Shirt

My archives tell me that I haven’t done a style post since November. It’s time to dust off this little corner of the blog, especially now that I have a few new things. I really wanted to put together an outfit with my jean jacket. I’ve had it for close to ten years, and I used to wear it almost every day, but it has been languishing in my closet for a while now. Time for a comeback!

I was having trouble finding the right shirt when my husband suggested that I try one of his. It was perfect–just the look I was going for, long and billowy, fresh and crisp. We have all heard of boyfriend jeans, but I give you…the husband shirt! I used to wear big button downs like this one all the time when I was in grad school (cinched with gigantic, gigantic belts), and a part of me misses those days–there’s not much that is more comfortable than an oversized shirt.

I have to give such mad props to my husband, who not only gave me the shirt off his back, but took these incredible photos, with the light converging just perfectly. Thanks, honey. You’re the best.

The rest of the outfit is from my regular thrifted wardrobe. The purple jeans are a fairly new addition, but I think I might actually be able to subtitle this blog “Girl in Red Shoes with Yellow Purse.” What can I say, I love them!

The jewelry, however, is all new! Eric’s parents gave me this sweet purple bracelet for Christmas.

I bought these necklaces on suuuper clearance for about $1.50. Together. A bonanza! I’ve never really had any jewelry with feathers, but I love how delicate they are.

I don’t usually go for matching my jewelry too much, but I went all out with the feathers today. Couldn’t help myself.

It was 80 degrees this weekend–totally too warm for this jacket! (If you are somewhere frigid, and you are jealous, just bear in mind that I am also jealous of you!) Hopefully we’ll get back to some more chilly weather soon. I am probably the only person in LA longing for wind and cold days, but I am just not done with winter yet.

In any case, hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend! Thanks for reading!

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