Project Life, Weeks 21 and 22

Y’all. I have more fun with this project every time I work on it. I love playing with all my supplies (thank you, Michele!) and experimenting with new layouts. And I love remembering the little things that shape our everyday life. Every page ends up being its own little gratitude session, as I look in awe at all of the things I have to be thankful for.

This week I experimented with journaling vertically instead of horizontally, and I totally dig it.

I write so much about our daily life here, but it makes me happy when I can include things are going on in the rest of the world too. Eric and I started dating during the 2008 election, and we watched Obama’s first inauguration together. How fitting that I’m posting this on his second! This is the kind of thing I hope my future kids will get a kick out of.

For this week I used a good handful of textured pieces, which are always fun, and some darker journaling paper, which I ended up loving.

The highlight of the week was a dinner with our friend Steve, who is a chef, and his awesome girlfriend. Would that we ate this way every night!

And, of course, I finally finished the gargantuan blanket I was knitting! I had to include this photo of it being modelled. Such happy, happy memories. I have a whole stack of photos at the ready for December and January, and I’m about to run out of of room in my book for pages–time for Volume 2!

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