My First Cross-Stitch

Well, it isn’t technically my first cross-stitch. I think I made a tiny bunny cross-stitch for my grandmother when I was little. And I started the cutest birth announcement cross-stitch for my baby cousin…who is now 21. I haven’t done any cross-stitching since then, but I have been really wanting to branch out into some new projects this year, so I gave it a go. I found this little kit at the craft store, and it even came with a little frame (which I inexpertly painted…needs another coat!), for only $1.29. Definitely a worthy gamble!

It was a little tricky at first, and there are still a few stitches I haven’t mastered, but overall I really like it and am having fun with it.

I deviated from the pattern a little bit, which gives me hope that soon I can design my own and play some more with colors.

Overall, I am happy to report that my love of making things extends to needlework too. I love watching the design take shape, and I even love that unavoidable pixelated 80s look of things (although this can be remedied if desired by stitches I don’t know how to do yet). I don’t even mind the counting, which seemed kind of daunting at first. The only sad part of this whole story is that I lost an embroidery needle somewhere in the office that I will probably never find again, at least until the day we move. It’s not sharp, so it isn’t dangerous, but I am still considering coming at it with…a very powerful magnet…or a metal detector. Unless you have any better ideas!

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