While Eric and I were in Nashville over the holidays, we went to the totally charming town of Franklin, which is just south of the city and full of its own history. There are few things in life I like more than strolling through small towns, so I definitely had an awesome time.

We started with lunch at Puckett’s Grocery, where I had the most delectable fried chicken sandwich, enjoyed mayonnaise for the first time in my life (I know!), and made the questionable decision to eat a gigantic piece of pie (worth it!)

After all that, a stroll was definitely in order!

I was charmed at every turn.

And not least by this amazing bookstore. I adore businesses in old houses, and this one was teeming with all kinds of goodies…

…and was steeped in history as well.

I also really liked their sign.

And I found these two scholarly gentlemen reading inside. 🙂

After we’d seen most of the town, we had our own private tour of Franklin’s civil war history, given by Eric’s brother, who is awesomely knowledgable about it. We stopped by the Carnton House, where he used to give tours, and got a behind the scenes look. Pretty rad. This house served as a field hospital during the war. There are still blood stains on the hardwood floors. Creepy! But it’s fantastic that it’s been so lovingly preserved.

And finally, I didn’t fail to notice that Franklin has really pretty fire hydrants. I am sure these colors have some municipal meaning…

But to me they just add to the beautiful rainbow of Franklin.

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