2012 Goals Recap

I really like the goal system I have in place these days: four big goals for the year, and then a handful of smaller ones for each month. I’ve never felt so positive about new year’s resolutions, and I think maybe it’s because I don’t really think of them as resolutions anymore. These are not “shoulds,” but “wants.” I am really inspired by the idea that it’s a good thing to make positive promises to yourself and then honor those promises. And it’s thrilling to feel that your time is whatever you choose to make of it. This is the first year I’ve done it this way, and I think I will never stop!

And my goals came out pretty well in 2012! I read a good handful of our cookbooks and had a blast doing it. I did much more sewing in 2012 than in 2011. There are still sewing books to be read, patterns to be used, and garments to be altered, but I am definitely getting very comfy with my machine. I am thinking about using some of Christmas money to take a local sewing class. Yay for mastery of skills! (Well, I would settle for competence!). My goal to keep track of my reading in 2012 was a slam dunk. I read 46 books (47 if you count the one I stole from my mom over Christmas break), and I wrote down every single one of them. It’s awesome to be able to look back over that list, and this too I may never stop doing. And then there is exercise. I did some this year, to be sure, and maybe more than I would have if I hadn’t set that goal. My most fun memories are of running and swimming with Eric at the gym. I don’t want to exercise for weight loss, but just to stay healthy, use my muscles, and get some good endorphins. I am not one of those people who itch to get out and run, but I am always so glad I did. So that’s why it’s on my goal list, and it will probably stay there forever, reminding me to do good things for myself. How did your 2012 goals go? I hope that whatever you did, it made you very happy.

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