Project Life, Week 15

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on Project Life, and I am having so much fun with it. Having been away from it for quite a while, I had forgotten how many awesome supplies I have (sent to me by my wonderful and generous blog friend Michele!). The office is a huge mess of paper and stamps and adhesives right now, but maybe that’s the best kind of mess to have! This week was one of the last before our trip to Istanbul–all kinds of hectic, with a little fun thrown in.

I actually don’t think too hard about what I write on my pages–I look at the pictures and any extra keepsakes I have from the week, and then I just let my mind go where it will. I like the messy look of my spontaneous handwriting.

I used a couple of stickers here and there and was sure to properly blame the cargo van that ruined my pretty bridge shot.

One of the best things about living in Pasadena is, hands down, Vroman’s Bookstore. We love to browse books there, and they also have really great signings all the time. I will miss it, if ever we move away!

And I’m happy I took this shot of the menu at Tender Greens. It’s the first place we really liked here, and we still do. I will eat pretty much anywhere that has the word “greens” in the name, and it’s always fun to try new salads and veggies from the grill. More Project Life updates coming soon! And then maybe after that I will be able to see the office floor again!

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