Our Little Christmas

Eric and I decided to have our little Christmas before we went home, mostly so we wouldn’t have to schlep all our presents with us! The day started with holiday breakfast at the Athenaeum, which is always gloriously decorated for Christmas. We had to get up kind of early, but it was totally worth it…once I got some coffee. I kind of chased down the waiter who had the coffee (yes, I will stop at nothing to get my precious nectar), but luckily he found this more charming than disturbing.

Right as you walk through the front doors, you see…

this majestic Christmas tree!

Here I am in front of it, just so you know I was there. Breakfast was delicious, as things generally are at the Athenaeum. I wish we could have gone every day this week!

And, to top off the awesome, they had a gingerbread Mars Rover Curiosity!

In the evening, Eric and I exchanged gifts while we blared Christmas music. I set up the timer on my camera and propped it up on top of one of our Mason jars to get this happy, grainy shot.

I made this little card for Eric. I love buttons!

Eric laughed so hard at this little gift card I made him. It’s one of my favorite sounds on earth.

One of the presents Eric gave me included this treasure map! The whole day was completely awesome. Hope you have a merry little Christmas too!

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