My One Little Word for 2013: Open

Last year my one little word came gently into my life, nudging me in the weeks and months leading up to the new year. This year I had an image before I had a word, and it took a little while for that image to take on verbal form. The image, and the idea, really, was open arms. I want to welcome all that comes my way this year.

Part of it is accepting the good along with the bad, and I find myself so at peace when I am able to do that. But it’s also about new opportunities and circumstances that may present themselves to me, doors and windows I hope to find open and waiting for me. And it’s also about wanting to have my eyes open, not missing any of the beauty around me. I want to be present for all of it. I want to be welcoming to all of it. And so I set out on this journey. I am sure that this word will mean things to me at the end of 2013 that I can’t really imagine right now. I am so excited to find all of them out and to savor them.

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