Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

Last year I made tons of ornaments (probably in a subconscious urge to cover our tree’s nakedness!), but this year I have been a little slow out of the gate. I bought these glass ornaments last year, but I never decided what to do with them. Last week I decided: paint attack!

I started with my trusty acrylics and a loose plan to make bright stripes. I used a juice glass to hold the ornament and keep it from wobbling (…and painting the whole table…but that would actually be kind of cool if you planned it).

I went with a cool color scheme on one and warmer one on the other, but I just sort of let the paint do the talking.

Then I decided that they really needed some bling. In came the rhinestones from my scrapbook supply. And ribbon!

They took their sweet time drying, but now they are some of my favorite ornaments on our tree. I love that they’re so imperfect and that the brush strokes are so pronounced. I would love to play with more colors and patterns (and even ornament shapes) with these–maybe I’ll buy a nice little stash of them after Christmas and have them stockpiled for next year. I am always meaning to do that, but maybe this year will be the year!

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