Daddy’s Girl

I had the most awesome weekend. My Daddy was in town! You can probably tell by my gigantic smile that this made me very happy indeed. If you don’t know my Dad, he is basically the sweetest and most generous person you could ever hope to meet.

He got in on Friday night, and we had a gloriously relaxing weekend, filled with coffee and conversation and great food.

We went to Peets (twice!), and that makes for a great weekend already. My love of coffee began by sharing relaxing afternoons with my Dad, so it’s always a joyful thing for me.

One of the things my Dad wanted to do was look through my Project Life albums, so it was really awesome to share those with him, since they’re hard to see in pictures.

We spent a sunny afternoon reading our Kindles at Caltech. I love how much my Dad appreciates simple pleasures.

It was sad to say goodbye this morning, but it definitely helps to know I’ll be seeing my Daddy again next week! I’m so grateful for this really special weekend we got to share. I have always felt like the luckiest girl in the world to call myself his daughter. Sometimes life is just too sweet for words.

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