Ring of Fire Bead Loom Bracelet

Now that I’ve started making these bead loom bracelets…I can’t stop. I love the act of weaving and the feeling of a fabric that’s created by the beads. I love watching them come together. And I love designing them. And I love choosing the colors. (So basically, I love all of it…a recipe for addiction!) When I set the beads out for this one, I told Eric I wanted it to look like fire. And I’d like to think it does.

My loom and I are becoming best pals, and I am so happy about that. This bracelet is a little thinner, and thus a little easier to work with than the previous one (at least until I get a longer beading needle!)

I really wanted to show off these copper beads, and I love the way the orange ones pick up the light.

I love having these beauties around my wrist!

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