Retro Stoplight

Eric and I haven’t taken style shots in ages, and for the last few months, they’ve just been on the balcony of our building, since I couldn’t stand to go any further in the heat. This weekend we took advantage of a cool(-ish) afternoon to head over to campus and take some pictures. I only realized after looking at the photos that I am basically a retro stoplight: red, yellow, green!

This dress was a thrift store find in Memphis. It fits perfectly, and I love the color and fabric.

It has this little attached jacket with wooden beading and embroidery detail. So pretty.

I am wearing one of the bead loom bracelets I made this fall. I think this one may be my favorite!

And my favorite mustard purse and red heels just seemed obligatory. Sometimes I wonder why I even have any other shoes. And then I remember the purple ones…also necessary!

The leaves are just starting to turn here, so hopefully we’ll squeeze some more shots in on campus before all the trees are bare.

I would love it if the weather turned cooler (and stayed that way!), but at least I had one more chance to wear this little dress.

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