Project Life, Weeks 13 and 14

I am playing catch up on Project Life, but is making me all the more glad I have these pictures and memories. Project Life has that kind of insta-function when you realize that wouldn’t remember any of these little everyday things if you hadn’t written them down!

Week 13 covered my 30th birthday, but I’m really happy that it also features so much of Eric and the things we shared that week. None of my birthdays would be happy without him! The shot of him putting together a storage cube for the office speaks volumes–he is so supportive of all my creative endeavors and has totally not minded me taking over 75% of the office with my supplies. He is the best partner I could ever imagine. That picture also makes me laugh because I texted it to my mom right away, joking about our exciting Saturday-night furniture assembly. I used a lot of my favorite stickers on this page, and I have become a little obsessed with the borders too!

This was another busy week, with Eric traveling for work and me finding new ways to amuse myself in his absence: jewelry making! We saw this “Is it fall yet?” display at our favorite bookstore, and I instantly loved it–it was still so hot back then, and I wondered if fall would ever come! I am in love with the green color of this paper, and I like the way the orange circle border echoes the pumpkins that Eric brought me back from Palomar. Have I said lately that he is the best?

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