November 2012 Goals

These monthly goal posts are honestly some of my favorite ones to write. I love the sense of a new beginning, and I love letting my mind wander wherever it will for a few days, leading me to the things that I’m most excited about for the month to come. The never-ending sense of possibility, that our time is whatever we wish to make of it, makes me so so happy.

This month I am really excited to get back in the kitchen. Between the hectic prep for our trip and the crazy long jet lag I had when we got back, I feel like I’m just starting to get back into my kitchen routine. And I’m excited to cook this month, and eat! I’ve been thinking a lot about some foods that I don’t eat that often or haven’t had in a while. I want to highlight those foods this months. Leeks and chanterelles, cauliflower and romanesco broccoli, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, hazelnuts and pecans, puff pastry and stinky cheese. Some of these foods I don’t buy too often because they are pricey (cough cough, chanterelles), but what better month to splurge than November? My awesome chef friend Steve is coming in town this month, and he says we can cook whatever I want, so I am considering that my golden ticket. My friend Steve, he is a genius in the kitchen. Excited!

I am continuing with my enjoying fall project, now that it’s finally here! I know some spots with great leaf piles, and I plan to jump in them!

Finishing my cable knit blanket was a goal several months ago, but I am bringing it back because I am so close to being done! I am on the last skein (of 14 or so, I think), and while I will really miss this project when it’s gone, I am stoked to have a blanket to snuggle under on the couch. And I am looking forward to whatever the next project will be!

One thing I’ve missed in these past few months is reading about creativity. It brings such a richness to my life, and I am always exhilarated that there is so much more to learn. I have just the book for this month, one I started several months ago and then had to lay aside. I am looking forward to getting back into it.

I have so much awesome stuff (and so many pictures!) from istanbul. I haven’t totally decided yet if I want to devote a chunk of pages to our trip in my regular Project Life album or if I want to make a separate smaller book just for Istanbul. Whatever I decide, I want to work on it this month before the memories start to fade too much.

Last month was crazy, and I didn’t get to scheduling my Big Project, but I absolutely think I can tackle that this month.

I have been behind on my 365 project for ages, and, hey, that’s life. I have the pictures, and I just need to devote a good little chunk of time to uploading them. I am now really woefully behind, but this month will mark the end of the third year of this project, so I am determined to finish strong! I will have some thoughts on this project for a separate post once I’m all done.

And, of course, the eternal goal: take lots of pictures! I’ll be back in December with an update. For now, here are my goals from June, July, August, September, and October.

Update, December 2012: Mostly success! I definitely had a blast cooking and eating this month. I hit almost all of the foods in my list (puff pastry, I am coming for you next!), and it felt like celebratory eating indeed. It finally got cooler here, and we have actually had quite a lot of rain in the last few weeks, which means I am in heaven. Beautiful fall leaves glistening in puddles–what is more beautiful than that? The rain reminds me of all the happy times we shared in Berkeley, and it is wonderful to have things cool off a bit. I totally finished my cable knit blanket! And I am already working on the next one. I’ve decided what to do about Istanbul memory keeping, and that plan is in the works. I didn’t get to the creativity book or to the big project plan, but hope springs eternal, and those goals will carry over to the next month. The 365 project! I did a bit of work on it this month, but got hung up with some technical issues. But it would be great to have it finished by Christmas. And of course, there are tons of new pictures to be added to the queue!

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