Cable Knit Blanket: It is Finished!

I have been working on this blanket for such a long, long time, and I have loved every bit of it. The pattern is just simple enough that I can pick it up idly (since I only really have to pay attention every six rows), and, as it has grown colder, I have enjoyed sitting under a blanket while knitting said blanket. I always intended this blanket for our couch, and that’s how I chose the color. I love that it’s ready in time for wintry evenings with a novel.

The comedy of this blanket is its size. I didn’t use the brand of yarn the pattern suggested, and I had more than enough. But I was having too much fun to quit, so I just decided to keep going until I ran out of yarn. I laid it out on our queen-size bed for scale. It’s almost a comforter! But not quite. I measured it at 56″ x 72″, roughly. It’s definitely taller than I am!

The cables were not hard to do at all, and I’m proud of how perfectly twisty they look.

At times I worried about this blanket being too long, and Eric reassured me that he is tall and would appreciate the extra length. Here he is, completely covered by it!

And here he is peeking his head out!

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