An Autumn Stroll Around the Neighborhood

One of the things I missed so much this summer was being able to take an afternoon walk. Now that things have finally cooled off, I’m back to my old gallivanting ways. I saw so many beautiful things this week. This is absolutely my favorite time of year, and it feels so good to be out experiencing it.

This is the pretty window display at Anthropologie, where I stop in from time to time to gawk at the lovely things. I’ve never actually bought anything there, but I always leave feeling inspired.

Another frequent stop in my peregrinations is this beautiful arcade. When we first moved here, I was out for a walk and discovered it, and I was so excited that I texted Eric, “I found an arcade!” He was very confused by this, as I have no love for video games, and it still makes me laugh to think of his bafflement. Someday I will take more shots inside because there are a few old school red phone booths in there (and, in fact, in a few other locations in Pasadena. They must have gotten a deal buying them in bulk!)

I am charmed by this element of decor on the side of a shopping center. What better indication that we live in science town?

And finally, here are some splendid fall flowers. I love these colors–they make me think of a warm kitchen and lots of people crowded around a big happy table. I think fall has gone to my head!

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