A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Sometimes I come to the computer with a million posts in mind, and sometimes I come wondering what I will write about. It’s all part of a larger balance, and I think that’s a good thing. Writing here every day is a rhythm and a routine that keeps me on my toes–if I didn’t have this internal commitment, I am sure that less than half of these blog posts would be here. Even though I don’t think every one of them deserves a gold star, every one of them does deserve its place in this little record of my everyday life. I’m so glad I have them all here, whether they speak mostly in images or mostly in words. Sometimes a handful of pictures will jump out at me as I’m scrolling through my files, and that’s just what happened tonight. Here, then, is a little collection of things that speak of this fall. When we got back from Istanbul, Eric made us the most amazing pulled pork in the slow cooker, and we ate it every single night for a week. I never got tired of its rich, peppery flavor, which is good because we still have half of it in the freezer.

Last weekend Eric made us milk punch, in our attempt to try a seasonal drink. It was delicious, but so strong! I don’t think I even finished half of mine, but it was still fun to try. It reminds of me the nights when we’d make mulled cider or hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music, back in those early days when we were dating.

And, continuing the theme of marvelous things Eric has made us, here is my favorite lemon-lime and bitters soda. For some reason this past week I have been craving carbonation, and this is much more palatable than straight tonic water. Eric used to drink it in Australia, and he is so good at making them. This one was so zesty and lemony it made my lips pucker. I loved it.

This past weekend, Eric and I had some dear friends from Berkeley over for dinner, and we had so much fun cooking together. The menu was a fall classic: pumpkin fondue and roasted brussels sprouts. It was so, so good to spend an evening laughing and sharing stories with friends. That, in conjunction with the (finally!) chilly weather we had this weekend, made me practically giddy. Oh fall, you never disappoint.

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