Zig Zag Bead Loom Bracelet

Remember how my brother and his wife gave me an awesome stash of beads for my birthday? I decided I wanted to make something with them right away, so I set out on what was by far my most complicated bead loom project to date. And I did it! There were definitely some false starts, but I am really proud of it!

It all started with some sketching, and I was grateful to have my stash of graph paper on hand. It actually came from a notebook I used while working as a translator in Russia–graph paper seems pretty standard issue there, so I knew I’d find some in my Russia folder. The sketch on top is mine, and the one below is Eric’s. He is so sweet and helpful with all of my projects.

Getting started was definitely the hardest part, since I kept dropping beads and loosening threads. I was just beginning to wonder if it was actually possible to make a bracelet this wide on my little loom when I made it past that first row. Whew!

Once I got started, this project became so addictive so quickly! All of the little threads hanging off the sides are just part of the process. They get snipped off when you’re done.

I love love love these beads, and especially the yellow ones. They are so shiny!

One the last row was finished, I could take the whole bracelet off the loom. Now all that’s left to do is put on the clasps and thread those loose cords back into the bracelet. That is really the only tedious part of the whole process, and especially for such a wide bracelet, since there are so many to deal with!

My beading needle and I became very close friends while I was working on this project, but I think I may have bent it a little with all my weaving zeal. Time for a new one, I think.

This is the final step: putting on the clasps. Much easier than I thought it would be!

And this is what it looks like when it’s all done! This is by far the most professional looking bracelet I’ve ever made, thanks to this awesome tutorial.

Now that I’ve finished this bracelet, I am really itching to start another one. Thanks for the beads, hermano!

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