Purple and Pumpkin

I think I must have orange on the brain. I have a few of these amazing 80s blazers in crazy colors, and this is the one I grabbed out of the closet! I suppose I look slightly Halloweeny, but I have no problem with that.

I love the big buttons and the hemline, which is slightly asymmetrical.

This dress is as old as the hills, but I never get tired of its crazy print. I used to wear it all the time in grad school with red tights and boots. Boots and tights, I hope to see you soon! It was hot enough when we took these pictures that I couldn’t wait to take the blazer off. I know I sound like a broken record about the weather, but I think it will be turning cooler (hopefully permanently!) later this week.

I got these chartreuse earrings at a clothing swap in Oakland, wondering if I’d ever actually wear them, and I am happy to say that I do! Even with a casual outfit, you can never have too much sparkle.

Purple heels were, of course, in order as well.

This little bangle was part of my fifty-cent birthday stash!

I left my glasses on for this shoot, which is a little unusual, but this is their swan song. I got these glasses about two and a half years ago, and they just haven’t held up all that well. The lens coating is peeling, and they are scratched up like crazy. It has only become a major problem in the last few days, and by Saturday, I was ready to chuck them. My poor husband. He wakes up, unsuspecting, on a Saturday morning and is greeted thusly: “Hi! How are you? I love you! We have to do something about my glasses! Today!” And so we spent much of Saturday first trying to replace my lenses, and then learning that it would make much more sense to just get new glasses. Eric sat through the exam (How many doctor’s offices has he been to with me? I asked if if he was going for an even hundred. Have I mentioned that he is an angel?) and then helped me pick out new frames! I really like them, and the name of the frame is Acorn, which seems auspicious for a lover of all things autumn. I’ve always thought these glasses were too dark for my face, so I am excited to have some lighter ones. (In fact, there isn’t much I like about these glasses. The shop asked on their info sheet “What do you like about your current glasses?” I thought about it for a minute and then wrote down, “I can see.” When Eric saw that, he laughed so hard that he startled everyone in the shop. I love him so much.) The shop promised they’d put a rush on the order, so I should have my new glasses by Friday, just in time for Istanbul! I will be thrilled not to be staring at scratches all day! I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, preferably not spent at the eye doctor’s office, but if you did, then I hope you had someone there to make you laugh!

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