Project Life, Weeks 10 and 11

I am having so much fun with this project. I make a huge mess every time I make pages, but that’s part of the draw. I love being able to see what I’ve got and play with different colors. Here are my latest two. I am still running a bit behind because it takes an entire week for my pictures to arrive after I’ve ordered them, but I actually kind of like that. When I’m choosing pictures, it usually feels kind of redundant, since I’ve recently blogged about those events, but by the time the pictures come and I’m working on the layout, I’m amazed by how much I’ve forgotten already. Just one more reason I’m really happy to be doing this project!

For week 10 I went with a lot of stripes and borders–it seemed very summer appropriate!

I used a couple of stickers as highlights, and I really like that this week included a weekend adventure as well as some everyday stuff, like stopping by to see Eric at work.

I hardly ever take ice cream pictures because of the lighting situation in our kitchen, but I am happy I have this avocado ice cream sandwich because it’s so pretty and so unusual.

This is the card for the churrascaria where we ate with Eric’s uncle, and Eric in front of a giant bike shop. Very photo-worthy!

Week 11 was really photo heavy (even though there are no humans in the pictures!), but that’s in part because I decided to put some private journaling in an envelope. I like that it’s there, and I’m happy to be still getting some use out of Christmas stationery I bought at Ikea six years ago!

More fun with stickers here, and I wanted to remember this book, which was so incredibly hilarious, touching, and informative, all at the same time. One of my favorite sounds in the whole world is Eric laughing, and I have so many memories of us reading in bed and hearing him burst out laughing while reading this book. I want to remember that. Part of the draw of this book was that it’s by a Caltech professor, so I could recognize all the landmarks and the long nights at Palomar. Nothing quite like making the landscape of a book your own, is there?

Here is my envelope. And my dinner staple. And Eric’s Labor Day weekend French toast. It was a hectic weekend for him, so it made me happy to see him making time to cook and do something nice for himself.

And our finally finished couch pillows were also photo-worthy! I have all the pages loaded into the book now, and it’s so beautiful to flip through it. For the one thousandth time, I am so glad I am doing this project.

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