October 2012 Goals

My goals for this month are pretty low-key, since our trip to Istanbul is very much on the brain–can’t believe we’ll be there this time next week! Eric and I both love researching and planning trips, and it’s been fun getting closer and closer to our adventure. We were looking into whether or not we need extra memory cards for our cameras, and Eric found that mine will hold up to 3,000 pictures, so I think I’ll be good!

I also want to really savor fall–it is my favorite season, after all. I hope it will be much cooler when we get back, but today it is supposed to be 106 degrees. 106 on October 1! So, part of my celebrating fall goal is to create my own fall, if I have to! I’ll be drawing pretty leaves and baking pumpkin everything, even if I can’t wear sweaters yet. I am hoping we’ll go apple picking out east later this month, and I am so looking forward to that.

The Big Project is definitely coming along, but slowly. Every time I work on it, it goes more smoothly and is more fun, and now that I’ve really gotten going on it, I think the next step is to look at it with a wide lens and make a comprehensive schedule for it. I am so excited to go over all the pieces of it and put a plan in writing. It always seems to make things more real.

September was kind of a weird month, as I was transitioning into working from home. I’m doing my best to be compassionate with myself as I adjust, but I am really pumped to get cozy with the new routine I’ve put together for myself. Having a routine always makes me feel happier and more productive, but it will also ensure that I squeeze in some things that are important to me, like exercise and inspiration time and reading books on creativity.

And, of course, I want to keep working on my 365 project. I will be finished in mid-November, so there’s not much time left, but I’m excited about what I’m going to do when I finish it!

I’ll be back in November with an update, but, in the meantime, here are goals and updates from June, July, August, and September. I am so glad I am doing this!

(Also, the orange and black color scheme of this picture was entirely coincidental, but I love it! Happy fall!)

Update, November 2012: October was kind of a whirlwind of a month. The first week was pretty hectic with travel prep, and then we were in Istanbul for a week and a half. When we got back, I was wholly unprepared for how long the jet lag would last, and it was a long time before I was unzombified enough to do anything. If ever there were a month to have compassion with oneself for one’s circumstances, this was the month! So, well done on that one, even if this didn’t turn out to be the most realistic month to get into a new routine. The trip was everything we hoped it would be, and we saw all the things that we had really wanted to get to (not that there isn’t a lot more left for the future!) The best part was that I had Eric by my side, and there’s nothing better than that. Fall is finally here (or at least almost here!), and I am definitely enjoying the cool breezes and the pretty leaves, when I can find them. The Big Project schedule just did not happen this month, for the previously stated reasons, but I am just transferring that one right over to November.  On the 365 project I am woefully behind, but I am determined to finish it in November! And, even if we only count the pictures I took in Istanbul, tons and tons of pictures were definitely taken. 🙂

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