New Glasses

Yay, new glasses! I love the shape of these, and I think the color is a bit better for my face than the darker ones they’re replacing. The best part is that they came in three days early, so I had a few days to adjust to them before we left for Istanbul. That’s my new journal, just waiting to be filled with all kinds of happy scribblings. I think new glasses are becoming a new tradition for any type of international travel–I got my last new pair the day Eric left for Australia. I’m so thankful that this time we’re going together.

Here they are reclining peacefully next to a physics textbook. This is more or less the only spot where we get natural light in the house, so I’m especially grateful for it. And, during this hot summer, I have actually been grateful that we don’t have the skylights that make the hallway right outside our door an inferno. Every cloud has a silver lining, or at least that’s the way I prefer to think.

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