Fall from the Farm

Eric’s parents are so sweet. Every fall, they send us a package full of harvest goodies, and we love it so much, especially since fall isn’t exactly the same around here. Eric’s dad collected these leaves and acorns for us, and I cannot get over how pretty they are. The big ones are so cute (like little faces wearing huge furry hats!), and the striations on the small ones are gorgeous. I immediately wanted to make a necklace out of them, but I don’t think my beading needle is a match for them! There are lots of them, though, so I will definitely be displaying them in pretty bowls around the house in the meantime.

They also sent us all these pretty gourds! Eric took several pictures of my gleeful face as we took them out of the box one by one. Every single one of them is so darling! And every single thing in the box is so special because it came from a place that is so close to our hearts. Happy fall, indeed!

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