A Few Recent Adventures

I would never have chosen to go to the dentist as many times as I have in the past few weeks (I should get a punch card!), but the one nice thing about it is that it takes me over the iconic Colorado Street Bridge. I mapped this route to avoid freeway traffic (and it’s just as fast, I was happy to find), but I had no idea it would take me over the bridge, so I was excited when the road led me there. It’s such a gorgeous structure. And it is one million times better than Bay area bridges because…there is no toll plaza! That’s right, just a free, majestic bridge.

I’ve actually kind of been all over the place this week, taking care of last minute things before our trip. I stopped by the doctor’s office to get an old prescription refilled, and I passed by the Pasadena Museum of California Art. It’s pretty tiny, but they have great exhibitions, and they use the building’s facade as an extension of what’s inside. This is one of the first places Eric and I went when we moved here, and he took my first style shots up on the roof. It seems like such a long time ago!

This weekend we went out to dinner at Tender Greens, one of our first favorites in the neighborhood. Eric wondered why I’d chosen it, since I seem to be more enamored of Lemonade lately, but I told him I knew for sure they’d have soup! However, I am happy to report that I was also able to eat macaroni and cheese. Small victories!

After dinner we spent some time browsing around at Vroman’s, which probably really was our first love in Pasadena. They had this display out front and center, and I just had to laugh when I saw it. Is it fall yet, indeed?! It’s nice to know there are other pumpkin-obsessed people waiting for some cool breezes and pretty leaves, but I am also counting on the weather being better when we get back from our trip. Don’t let me down, LA! In the meantime, if you live somewhere that’s actually entered into autumn wholeheartedly, please jump into a pile of leaves for me! Unless you have allergies. In that case, just enjoy wearing a sweater on my behalf!

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