Project Life, Weeks 8 and 9

I am still playing a bit of catch-up on this project, but now that the office is organized, it is going so much more smoothly. I had a lot of fun with these pages, and I feel like I crammed in a few more stories from our everyday life, which has been one of my goals.

Week 8 features the map from our visit to LACMA–I love putting maps in wherever I can!

I am really happy we have this picture of the two of us, and of some of our summer grilling.

For Week 9 I went with polka dots and a little border.

As much as I hated getting a cavity filled, I am glad I recorded the ignominy of it. That little stamp is from Palomar, and I love it.

I hope someday we’ll laugh about the death and miraculous resurrection of our A/C on the way to Palomar, and it’s in that hope that I wrote it down here!

This picture is particularly special to me, since, as I am typing this, Eric is at Palomar, observing in that dome. I am so glad I got to see it with him. I have been reflecting on the summer as a whole this week, and I think I will put some journaling about it in one of my next pages, but this project has really heartened me: we have done and seen so much this summer. It’s also been the most crazy busy summer we’ve ever had, and, while I am sure I will always remember that, I might not have remembered all these weekend treks and dinners and exploratory missions and the funny things Eric has said to me (Example: Me: Thanks for loading the dishwasher, babe. Eric: It is a service I provide.) I am so happy that I have all of this in writing and in pictures. For, as one of my favorite bloggers says, it was life, and we lived it.

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