Project Life: Weeks 6 and 7

I’m so excited to be getting a few more of my pages up, and…if my pages look more awesome than usual, it’s because my awesome blog friend Michele sent me a huge box full of supplies she wasn’t using, just because! It made my day (so many times!), and I am having a blast playing with everything and trying out some new techniques. Thank you, Michele!

For Week 6, I mostly focused on a fun trip we took to Montrose. I think these first few weeks are kind of weekend heavy, but for good reason–we’ve both been working long hours this summer, and the weekends are our real quality time together.

I was so happy to be buying some fabric to play with, and I thought this picture of me hugging the bolt was hilarious.

And I loved this joke Eric made, and the fact that you can see me in the reflection of the window. I added a few stickers for color, and I like that they form a little constellation.

This little scroll sticker was part of my box full of magic too.

Week 7 focuses on our trip to Echo Park…and Michael Phelps! I hope someday my grandkids flip through this album and say, “Hey…I’ve heard of that guy!”

I love love love this patterned paper and the awesome stamps Michele sent me. They have such an old-world look.

Here is Phelps in his Olympic glory, and a red sticker I used to point out that I made the red dress I’m wearing in the picture above. Gotta celebrate that!

I am having so. much. fun. with this project, and I know we’ll be happy to have it in the future. Here’s the beginning and week 1, weeks 2 and 3, and weeks 4 and 5. Can’t wait until I’ve got it all in the book!

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